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Floor Strip & Wax

Would you like to maintain a beautiful looking floor at your commercial property?  Every floor is unique in its own way, and we understand that your floor should be treated as such. With high-traffic areas especially prone to grit, dirt, and general wear, a beautiful floor can take on a lackluster look before you know it. Floors develop scratches and wax buildup over time and can begin to yellow and wear. Keep your floors looking immaculate with our floor strip and wax services.

As a comprehensive floor maintenance contractor, we offer complete floor repair solutions, including floor scratch removal, floor stripping, floor waxing, and floor polishing. Stripping is the ultimate treatment for floor cleaning, although it’s an intensive process.

Our floor strip and wax services remove all old floor wax, sealer, and ground-in dirt and debris.  This process prepares your floor for resealing or rewaxing.  The frequency with which this procedure is necessary can be greatly reduced with ongoing floor maintenance and will depend on the amount of foot traffic your facility experiences.

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